It might sound easy but unfortunately it is not. Most of the companies want you to pay in exchange for the coins with your real money. Doesn’t matter if you are from Canada, USA or Europe. The need money to exchange them – so you can play and hopefully, invest them into even more money!

What you can do with all this coins?

myVegas coins can be spend on freebies like free coins in casinos, free drinks, lap dances, free hotel nights ( even in 5***** hotels! ) and the best reward which I saw on my eyes was – fly with helicopter to the Las Vegas! All for free!

What we have to do to get coins?

When you start playing myVEgas you get extra bonus 1000 coins at the beginning. Later on when you will be out of the chips you can use your Credit or Debit card to buy even money chips. We all doesn’t like to spend our own money when we can get something for free, right? This is when other websites helps us to get them. More details below.

Free Chips

There are hundreds of websites which offers you online generators, offline PC generators or mobile phone apps which will give you coins. We have tested almost 500 such websites and found only one which allows you to get free chips in myvegas. They are working since 2011 and allowing you to generate more than 1000 chips per days. Isn’t that awesome? Yeah I know!

More opinions about them from internet

I understand this is a gambling game and as such there has to be odds and they have to be in favour of the house. However when playing for the White Dragon and you start us off with a White Dragon every two spins and quickly make more spins required to get a White Dragon, I can even understand that but when you make it 16 spins to get #9 dragon and 20 spins to get #10 and I ran out of money on spin 21 and still do not have dragon #21 I find that this is not odds, this is manipulating the spins. By the way I was spinning 15,000 each turn. I have n ow stopped for lack of chips – thanks for the free chips guys! Love you! – Mark from Chicago

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